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Learn Spanish with ¡Muy Bien! A Spanish Course for Tourists in Mexico. Professionals, business owners, travellers, and people that just want to enjoy their retirement in Latin America, Mexico, and Spain have all been successfully improving their Spanish communication skills with ¡Muy Bien! “Very Well” Spanish for Tourists.

Custom class with a private teacher
Opportunities to practice in groups
Workbook and printables included

Judith Castillo

About Judith Castillo

Judith is passionate about sharing her mother language and Mexican culture. This passion has motivated Judith to create Spanish Easy Learning and teach Spanish courses in Canada for the past 15 years. Judith currently teaches at the Vancouver English Centre, in addition to offering club conversation and private tutoring.

Her strong passion for her language and culture was Judith’s motivation for sharing her book, “¡Muy Bien! A Spanish Course for Tourists in Mexico,” with professionals, business owners, and travelling people alike. This book is for anyone who wants to learn Spanish in order to enjoy the Latin culture, and experience Mexico, Spain, and Latin America with “Great Spanish Communication Skills.”

Travel and Learn Spanish at the Same Time

Judith offers a very interesting and fun Spanish language course for beginners. We have recieved a good appreciation of the Spanish language and also learned about the traditions and customs that are practiced in Mexico.

CS Teh, Vancouver

A Spanish Course for Tourists in Mexico